In the corner of your eye

I’d forgotten how annoying taking photos is. I had the whole ‘why haven’t I been doing this’ conversation with myself, and I resolved to take my camera out with me more.

Oh yeah. It’s hard.

I’m not saying it’s hard to take a photo. Snap, you’re done. That’s kinda easy. It’s even kinda easy, especially with modern technology, to get a fairly accurate representation of what you’re photographing. It is, however, very hard to catch that moment that you thought you saw out of the corner of your eye.

You know, that little flicker, that was gone before you turned your head, but that made you do a little gasp, or a sigh, or whatever breathy exhalation you felt like making. I keep missing those shots. Today, in desperation, I tried taking pics from a moving car, slamming on the brakes (safely) and jumping out quickly, and each time, was left with a photo that was a perfect representation of what was there, but not of what I thought was there.

I guess photography is not the best art for a person who likes to see things that aren’t there. I should really learn to paint. Eh. I’ll just go try to learn some Photoshop techniques.


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