(un)Peacefully at Home

As I do practically every day, I was whining to someone today about how lazy, unmotivated, and procrastinatey I have been feeling in regards to my writing. Since the beginning of the year (and if I'm going to Honest, probably a good bit further back than that), I've been slacking, big time. Part of it... Continue Reading →

Somewhere in the new year…

I am heartily tired of everyone cheerily talking about how 2010 is already looking so much better than 2009!! : )   ; )  !!! emoticon, emoticon, etc.... Okay people, first of all, you've only had, like, a week. Not enough time for you to mess it up yet. And secondly, it's not been so cheery... Continue Reading →

Everywhere and Anywhere

I really don't understand myself sometimes. I have a great idea. I have tons of inspiration. I have gone on several quite awesome research trips, both of which included behind-the-scenes, I-really-shouldn't-be-taking-you-here add-ons. And, after a brief moment of terror 1/2 way through this year's NaNo book ("What do you mean, that sounds just like a... Continue Reading →

Up and Down

Bleh. I don't even want to write here, today. I've got no motivation whatsoever. I want to sit on my couch, eat bonbons, and watch the Amazing Race. I didn't start the day this way. I started out this morning all excited and inspired, thanks to the San Francisco Awesome (they say the A is... Continue Reading →

Bay Bridge

Sometimes when I'm not writing, it's your fault. I had an epiphany a mild thought while on the Bay Bridge. I was in the Fastrak lane, watching everyone go zooming by me on every side. I knew precisely why I was going so slow, but I refused, on general principle, to do anything about it.... Continue Reading →


Recently, this is what I've been writing instead of Writing: Since February, I've been a bit puzzle-mad. My awesome ex-roommate Katy threw me a treasure hunt, and since then I've been seeking out all the urban, outdoor, puzzling opportunities I can find. There's something in the Bay Area called BANG (also DASH, Shinteki, and more,... Continue Reading →

Jumping Jack Flash

I'm taking a break from the best romantic suspense comedy featuring Whoopi Goldberg ever written. Seriously, what was it about the eighties that allowed them to try casting Whoopi and Jonathan Pryce as romantic leads? Or was it just Penny Marshall that was so badass? Either way, it makes for good strep throat sicky watching.... Continue Reading →

Home again

I may have to quit Twitter. It feeds my delusions too much. Do you remember when you were a teenager, dreaming of being an actor/rock star/writer/model, and you were certain that all that was necessary was one big break? The talent scout happening upon you in front of Hot Dog on a Stick. The english... Continue Reading →

The Avenue

I'm back on. I know you have to just make yourself love what you're writing, or at least make yourself keep writing 'til you're done and you can edit into something you love, but I've been freaking struggling. This story... It seemed like the greatest idea ever, and it's been coming out so tired. The... Continue Reading →


(From yesterday, Friday morning, when I was writing w/out wireless) My favorite elderly man is sitting behind me again. He was here longer than I was on my last visit, and I was here for 3+ hours. He just wandered out the door on his cane, moving slowly down Columbus in his suit and newsboy... Continue Reading →

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