In the Tourist Capital of the West

My last post was a happy list, made to remind me of good things. Yes, I posted the things that bug me as well, but each one of those bugging things was canceled out by a happy thing. It worked. That day. Today I'm back to being annoyed. I'm pretty sure it's me, at this... Continue Reading →

In awkward places

This weekend was a consciously active one for me, in the interest of being social, and artistic, and doing fun stuff. Last night I went to WAM's I<3SF Visual Treasure Hunt after-party. I had tried to round up a few people, but no one could make it, and I was kinda excited about being forced... Continue Reading →

An Oaklandish response to SFist

What's Your Excuse for not visiting your pals in Oakland? - I have no car. Dang. Too bad public transit is disdained by all other cities of the world. I don't blame them; the urine smells on Muni can get something fierce. But I mean, if there was a ferry, rail, or bus to get... Continue Reading →

Still in the city that I love

Because I'm not all listed out yet... Highly Underrated because-no-one-knows-they-exist Bits 1. Cable Car Museum. I couldn't include the cable cars, because they're ridiculously expensive if you don't have a muni pass, they're full of highly annoying jostling people, and the lines at the turnabouts just don't bear thinking on. But the Museum... well, it's... Continue Reading →

In the city that I love

There are a great many things about the Bay Area that I love. I'm not the first blogger to say that, I'm sure. I'm also not the first to make a list. But I don't care, I'm in a misty, listy mood. Highly Underrated Touristy Bits I was faced with that perfect San Francisco view... Continue Reading →

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