Two separate but oddly similar issues have been converging for me recently. The whole #YesAllWomen and #NotAllMen internet storm has been amazing to watch, though I haven't had much to add to the conversation. I've loved seeing my friends share their stories, and seeing people struggle (and often succeed) to explain exactly why #YesAllWomen is important.... Continue Reading →

In a Columbarium, 5 miles and a world away from San Francisco

Last November I spent some time (okay, fine, 4 completely absorbed hours, and I need to go back again) in the San Francisco Columbarium, in the interest of research for my NaNoWriMo book, but also because I’m a ghoul and I love that shit. Today I decided to wander the Oakland Columbarium, in part because... Continue Reading →

In a shady neighborhood

I live in a neighborhood that has, by all appearances, been steadily improving for the last big handful of years. There's a higher concentration of families and baby strollers, equally matched by happy artsy hipsters riding their bikes to the farmer's market up the street. I've been here for the past few years, but I... Continue Reading →

Out on a photo walk

I still remember most of the lessons my dad and my first photography teacher drilled into me. Rule of thirds, golden hour, fill the frame... and most importantly, COMPOSE! Don't just snap. This was from back in the good ol' days of expensive film and hours spent crouched over in the darkroom. After the advent... Continue Reading →

An Oaklandish response to SFist

What's Your Excuse for not visiting your pals in Oakland? - I have no car. Dang. Too bad public transit is disdained by all other cities of the world. I don't blame them; the urine smells on Muni can get something fierce. But I mean, if there was a ferry, rail, or bus to get... Continue Reading →

In a lonely graveyard

I was walking through Mountain View cemetery yesterday, wishing there was some kind of camera that I could use to take a snapshot of a sound. Oh. Wait. I guess a voice recorder does that. Okay, I wish that I had quick and easy access to it, like the phone on my camera. Oh. Wait.... Continue Reading →

The Avenue

I'm back on. I know you have to just make yourself love what you're writing, or at least make yourself keep writing 'til you're done and you can edit into something you love, but I've been freaking struggling. This story... It seemed like the greatest idea ever, and it's been coming out so tired. The... Continue Reading →

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