Hurry up and slow down

A road sign pointed the way to America this morning; naturally, I followed where it pointed. It led me through towering Illinois cornfields, and past a few houses, some very well decorated, to a dead end. "I missed America," I said. "Well, that metaphor sucks." Let's back up a couple of days. I had the... Continue Reading →

The road is calling…

I'm heading out on the road again! Read about my 2-month plan on the Kickstarter. I won't repeat everything that's on the Kickstarter, just share a sweet little update. The creator of the above little beauty, that Stripes and I wandered by on the Blue Ridge Parkway, will be meeting me for an interview!

Still in the city that I love

Because I'm not all listed out yet... Highly Underrated because-no-one-knows-they-exist Bits 1. Cable Car Museum. I couldn't include the cable cars, because they're ridiculously expensive if you don't have a muni pass, they're full of highly annoying jostling people, and the lines at the turnabouts just don't bear thinking on. But the Museum... well, it's... Continue Reading →

In the corner of your eye

I'd forgotten how annoying taking photos is. I had the whole 'why haven't I been doing this' conversation with myself, and I resolved to take my camera out with me more. Oh yeah. It's hard. I'm not saying it's hard to take a photo. Snap, you're done. That's kinda easy. It's even kinda easy, especially... Continue Reading →

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