I consider myself to be pretty optimistic. Downright chipper, in general. Small and strange things amuse me vastly, I find beauty in the strangest places, and it all makes me happy. So this post might come as something of a shocker. Part of the reason I never want kids is because I really, truly believe... Continue Reading →

October Thanksgiving

Y'all. I missed October. I'm still kind of stunned. I know exactly how it happened. I was working two full-time jobs, making edits to the short stories that are out on submission right now, trying to not ignore my Board duties for the non-profit I volunteer for, helping to run a monumental 15-hour Regatta, and... Continue Reading →


Rachael made an aside about her mounds of animals, and it reminded me of a moment at her last party. She'd locked all the animals in the bedroom, except for Adah (who had been hiding). When found, I offered to help Rach put the last cat away. I opened the door, knowing FULL WELL that... Continue Reading →

Happy October

October is here, and I'm sad. That's not fair. Now that October is here, I should be giddy. This is the best time of the year, with the smell of leaves and impending rain and first fires and apple cider and fog machines and chick o stix... Okay, chick o stix don't really have an... Continue Reading →

My Hunger Challenge, Day 1

I was ready to go when I woke up. Saturday was the monthly meeting for my writing association, and I was able to squirrel away a cup of leftover fruit for my breakfast. I also picked up a cup of beautiful tomatoes, grown in East Oakland by the most amazing silver-maned erotica author you could... Continue Reading →

The Hunger Challenge

I signed up for the SF Food Bank's Hunger Challenge, and starting on Sunday, I'll be trying to eat for $4.72 a day. Actually, I kinda feel like I'm cheating. See, I'm broke, and on Tuesday I had the first part of a very expensive root canal. So not only am I very unexcited about... Continue Reading →

Storm Memories

AJ over at Two Coasts got me reminiscing about the storms I've lived through. My memories, like hers, center around the aftermath, but I'm embarrassed to admit that I remember the excitement and thrills more than the destruction. When I was six, I was living on Saipan during Super Typhoon Kim. The storm itself is... Continue Reading →

Practically Magical

Some days, I wonder why I love Practical Magic. Every other day of the year, I re-watch it and I wonder why anyone would fail to love it. Yes, I am going to break my long blog silence by waxing lyrical about a Sandra Bullock movie. Suck it up, or look away now. I watch... Continue Reading →

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