Hearts and kisses in a brewery

I love that my Romance Writers' Chapter does business out of an Ale House. Writers are more commonly associated with coffee shops, or maybe chi-chi wine bars (although those are usually people talking about being writers, and are not necessarily writers that write). Brew pubs, with foamy lagers and crisp chips, do not scream Writers... Continue Reading →

And the craziness continues…

Stupid life. It keeps running on without me, and I'm getting a bit tired of it. Usually I get upset by the way the craziness interferes with my social life. You know; canceling pub quiz, falling behind in my apocalyptic book club, letting that Netflix disc of West Wing languish in the corner. It's rare... Continue Reading →

Cozy at home

I've rather lost the thread on this blog. I originally started it not to document my procrastination techniques, but to trick myself into writing. I'd sit down at a cafe, notice the strange folks and scenery around me, and open a new post. From there, it was fairly easy to open a word document and... Continue Reading →

In the place for writing

Well, it's officially no longer Halloween. The decorations came down yesterday, so I guess I should knock the blog post down a spot or two. I'm just so reluctant to see it go! Largely because I know that as soon as Halloween is over, NaNoWriMo begins. I know, yay. It's something I always look forward... Continue Reading →

Up in the air

Rainbows. There are rainbows on my NaNoWriMo fundraising page. Such a big fuzzy warm thank you to the universe!! What an awesome way to wake up. In particular, to Rachael and My Fairy Godmother: THANK YOU! It actually drives me insane that I can't send you a sweet handwritten note, or even an email, so... Continue Reading →

On the latter road

I'm not a poetry gal. Really, really not. I had a mild upswell of interest when I discovered prose poetry, but that didn't last long. For the most part, I dislike trying to write it, hate reading it, and often feel a gag reflex initiating when trying to listen to it in public. I do... Continue Reading →

Wandering lost in the desert

Ah, motivation. My old nemesis. Where the heck are you? I'll tell you where you're not. You're not in the bathtub, with the bubbles and the sweet smells. Inspiration can often be found there, relaxation, definitely, but motivation? Nope. You're not in that great, beautiful city outside my window. There's fabulous pub-quizzes, fascinating rambly walks,... Continue Reading →

Party Down

I'm celebrating today. I cracked open some prosecco, and I'm celebrating. I don't actually have much to celebrate; I was monumentally lazy today, doing none of the fun ditching work things I planned, missing the St. Stupid's Day Parade, and, even more heartbreaking, the "bring a can, get in free" day at ACT that I... Continue Reading →


I had a nice, shiny new post, published the day before yesterday. Except it didn't publish. Despite it telling me, "Published!" it's still sitting there in drafts, and my page looks the same. No matter how many times I click publish, it keeps going back into drafts. It's defeated me. I'm off to our board... Continue Reading →

Staring at a blue screen

Good lord, I'm tired. Leaving work at 3 today helped, but I've just got a backlog of exhaustion stored up. I've been working weekends, 12-hour days, all while chasing after, in a writerly fashion, the almighty buck. It's glorious to be paid to write. It's also bloody awful. Last night I collapsed on my bed... Continue Reading →

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