My Hunger Challenge, Day 1

I was ready to go when I woke up. Saturday was the monthly meeting for my writing association, and I was able to squirrel away a cup of leftover fruit for my breakfast. I also picked up a cup of beautiful tomatoes, grown in East Oakland by the most amazing silver-maned erotica author you could... Continue Reading →

The Hunger Challenge

I signed up for the SF Food Bank's Hunger Challenge, and starting on Sunday, I'll be trying to eat for $4.72 a day. Actually, I kinda feel like I'm cheating. See, I'm broke, and on Tuesday I had the first part of a very expensive root canal. So not only am I very unexcited about... Continue Reading →

Storm Memories

AJ over at Two Coasts got me reminiscing about the storms I've lived through. My memories, like hers, center around the aftermath, but I'm embarrassed to admit that I remember the excitement and thrills more than the destruction. When I was six, I was living on Saipan during Super Typhoon Kim. The storm itself is... Continue Reading →

Practically Magical

Some days, I wonder why I love Practical Magic. Every other day of the year, I re-watch it and I wonder why anyone would fail to love it. Yes, I am going to break my long blog silence by waxing lyrical about a Sandra Bullock movie. Suck it up, or look away now. I watch... Continue Reading →


I just opened a window on my browser, tabbed over to the google search bar, then... nothing. In the amount of time it took me to make those two actions, I'd forgotten what I was wanting to look for. So I came here instead. It's just that kind of day. What was I saying? I've... Continue Reading →

Strike! Strike!

This is terrifying. When things got bad for workers in the past, we unionized. Labor conditions changed, and things got better. Now, as inequalities are growing and the fatcats are getting fatter, what are we going to do? Unions have been gutted. Even if they weren't growing more powerless, American people have been trained to... Continue Reading →

Warning: Gratuitous Begging

I always wonder about these 'blog about it and get extra entries' bits. I mean, do they have a minimum readership qualification? That seems to be a glaring loophole. So hello, to my half dozen readers: Close your ears if you hate ads, but open them if you also are broke and would love to... Continue Reading →

Life’s annoyances

Dude, I'm going to Ireland. Like, really soon. Like, next week! I can't wait! Aside from the regular tourist bits, I've been chatting with folks who either just returned, or lived there recently, and I've got some good little secret spots on my list now. A perfumery near the Burren that focuses on local aromas.... Continue Reading →

Sitting around in anticipa…

My List of 32 Things I really like lists. At the same time, I've never been able to get into the "bucket" list; it kinda creeps me out. Besides, if you have an indeterminate time period in which to complete a list, it takes the pressure off. So when I saw the idea bopping around... Continue Reading →

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