SF Columbarium

Okay, so I was really trying to write today. In fact, I got my daily words in, just barely. I'm (almost) caught up. However, in the interest of research, I decided I really had to go to the Columbarium today. Really, I had to. My characters were heading that way, and I'd never been. Screw... Continue Reading →

In the corner of your eye

I'd forgotten how annoying taking photos is. I had the whole 'why haven't I been doing this' conversation with myself, and I resolved to take my camera out with me more. Oh yeah. It's hard. I'm not saying it's hard to take a photo. Snap, you're done. That's kinda easy. It's even kinda easy, especially... Continue Reading →

Mission Bay, Howl-o-ween

BoonieHalloween09_2, originally uploaded by jujuwiz. Sometimes, when I'm not writing, it's my camera that has my attention (I totally wrote focus there three times and deleted it three times). This might turn into a bit more of a photo blog, since that's how I seem to be speaking at the moment.

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