Say it again, a little bit quieter and a little bit milder

Well, today marks the end of the I ❤ SF contest. And, who wouldda guessed it, I got sick. The only photos I took were shot half-heartedly at best, while I either had a fever, a deep desire to be in bed, or a hacking cough. Huzzah. I'm entering them anyway. And I did get... Continue Reading →

Torn between two sides

I'm so excited! Tonight marks the beginning of WAM's I ❤ SF Visual Treasure Hunt! They seem like a new(ish) group with a very sketchy (in the 'bare bones' meaning of the word, mostly) .org website, but I think this is an awesome idea. I can't wait to get out there and start shooting purposefully.... Continue Reading →

A Spring Day at Albany

downsized_0430001030.jpg, originally uploaded by jujuwiz. God, I love the bulb. I need to always have a camera when I go there, instead of just this wee camera phone.

Out on a photo walk

I still remember most of the lessons my dad and my first photography teacher drilled into me. Rule of thirds, golden hour, fill the frame... and most importantly, COMPOSE! Don't just snap. This was from back in the good ol' days of expensive film and hours spent crouched over in the darkroom. After the advent... Continue Reading →

In the darkroom

... or, actually, deep inside photoshop. I know I'm the most amateur of amateur photographers. I don't spend enough time thinking about the golden ratio and shit to really hone my craft. But I like snapping pics. It's fun. And I love spending time in the darkroom, though I've given up processing my own film... Continue Reading →

Over there!

Oy. As if I actually updated this thing enough to warrant it, I've been tempted into creating a new blog, a completely separate photo blog. I can't help it! WordPress keeps doing shiny and cool things... This duotone theme has the background changing color to complement your photo! How nifty is that? Anyway, so I'll... Continue Reading →

Cable Car Museum, SF

LetMeIn, originally uploaded by jujuwiz. Today, in remembrance of Emperor Norton and the day of his death, a slew of us donned funny hats and inspected the cable cars. It was a grand, grand day.

A lonely tree on Ivy Hill

ChristmasTree, originally uploaded by jujuwiz. Normally a Christmas tree on the side of the road doesn't merit a second glance. But a fully decorated one, a full week before Christmas? That's just sad. But isn't the towaway zone festive? It's an urban Christmas.

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