Tea leaf reading

I’ve come back to this project, after more than 3 years away.

What I want to share right now is a prophetic tea leaf reading that I had halfway through, on a mini-break with my sisters on Prince Edward Island.

white, weathered building with black and white signs: tea cups read, fine crafts.

“Let me get you to hold it in your left hand, and give it three good turns counterclockwise… I’m basically gonna tell you stuff that’s going to happen in the next six months, or stuff that’s going to start in the next six months. I might not tell you anything new… I’m just going to take a moment to see what I can see…

“Okay, so I’m going to point them out. If you can’t see them, that’s okay… The first thing I’m seeing here is the sticks. You notice it kinda goes down, then it takes a little bit of a jump over. This is your life path, this is the path that you’re on. The path that you’re going on? You’re taking a little detour. But it’s going to be a permanent detour.”

“I’m never coming home, guys.”

“It’s not like a literal, like road construction…”

“I’m in the middle of a two month road trip, I’m halfway through.”

“Oh good! Is the road trip planned? Well it’s going to detour for you, in a good way. You’re literally taking… Usually, when I’m explaining that, I say a change, I don’t usually say detour. I like the fact…So it’s good. It’s not going to take you completely off your plans, you’re gonna have your plans, something’s going to catch your eye, you’re going to take a little detour. Awesome.

“So you have a flume here — this represents an obstacle. Obstacle, or a challenge coming up. And it’s a dammed pathway, so probably going to go three or four months…. This is a challenge that you’re giving yourself — it’s not a challenge that the world’s throwing at you, it’s something that you’re deciding. You’re deciding to push yourself a little bit. You’re going to run into an obstacle while you’re doing that. Push through the obstacle, because when you get to the other end, it’s going to be really really cool. Do you push yourself? Are you the type? And are you usually successful when you do that? This is going to be a little rocky for you, but it’s going to be good for you. Like, the actual challenge is going to be good, but the fact that you struggle a little bit with it is going to help, because I think you’re going to get a little bit more perspective about your life.

“This is the one I had to look up right here. To me it’s two things — I’m seeing an archway, but it looks like ruins. So an archway is about projects. Ruins is about the past. If you really want to embrace the future, if you really want to do new projects and new things, there’s something in your past that you have to let go of… You can do new stuff, but if you’re holding on to this, you’re not going to enjoy them or probably be successful. But I’m seeing you doing new stuff, as long as you let go of the past. The past is holding you back a bit.

“The last one I’m seeing is actually an absence. You’ve got the bottom? There’s no signs in the bottom of your cup. That also leads to this one, is going to continue through. So these new projects aren’t going to be contained within the six months, it’s stuff that’s going to take you beyond the six months. But you have to remember to let go of the past. I’m seeing you trying to get forward, and the past is kinda like, ‘no, let’s just come back here a little bit.’ So really letting go of that thing in the past will definitely help once these new projects come up. So that’s what I’m seeing!”

floral teacup, with a white pot in the background. Further back, an older looking tearoom, with wood furniture, a chalkboard, and mugs.

More coming soon.


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