Making friends

I recently had the good luck to be invited to a party hosted by a fabulous member of the Pens Fatales, a formal Casino night in celebration of Tet.

May I just say… Wow. I’ve already sent my deepest appreciations her way, so I won’t call her out online, but that lady knows how to throw a party! Tasty snacks, great drinks, a big beautiful craps table, and friendly sharp-dressed folks.

On our way, stopping to pose under a sign I've always loved.

I’m not much of a party-goer, especially when it’s a spot where I won’t know many people. I have my comfortable friends, and their comfortable evenings, and our comfortable talks. Still, I like to push myself outside of my comfort zone now and then, and I knew that the house would be full of awesome people. This lady gathers awesome around her like moths to a flame.

I was still nervous. I’ve definitely got a bit of the social outcast in me, and I’m never sure which of my personality traits are going to show up to a party. My friend K and I are still planning our Tom Waits Evening, the one where everyone brings their own flask, mutters to themselves in a corner most of the night, and leaves alone. Sounds like my kind of party.

Best thing for social awkwardness? Add in a craps table, and get the dice rolling. SO fun. The clapping, and laughing, and shouts of “C’mon, roller, time for a six!” made it nearly impossible to avoid a good time.

I was able to chat and giggle with the people on either side of me as we stared at the flying dice. There were no awkward pauses, no twisting of the wine glass while trying to make polite conversation. Only raucous shouting and cheering, combined with extravagant betting. Or extravagant-feeling, anyway. I finished the night by throwing a $500 chip onto eight the hard way; a rookie move that I would never dare in a real casino, but one that felt fabulous and carefree that night.

It confirmed what I’ve always suspected. Shared vices make for fast friends and easy conversation. I’m clumsy and bored at polite mixers, but give me an underground flash-mob cockfight and I’ll show you one smooth, confident lady.


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