In the place for writing

Well, it’s officially no longer Halloween. The decorations came down yesterday, so I guess I should knock the blog post down a spot or two. I’m just so reluctant to see it go!

Largely because I know that as soon as Halloween is over, NaNoWriMo begins. I know, yay. It’s something I always look forward to, that I end up loving, and that has the absolute best community surrounding it. So, yay.

But oh, the tears! The frustration at starting out two days behind (I always start out two days behind, for some reason. May have something to do with extended Halloween hangovers). The waffling over my plot and characters; one day I hate them, the next they are so fabulous my head wants to explode. Then I go back to hating them. The avoidance; I’ve played some bizarre, stumbled-upon online games recently. The complete, absolute knowledge that everything I have just written is garbage.

All of this is nothing, in the end. With a little distance, in NaNoEdMo (I’m not sure if National Novel Editing Month is real, but it is for all the nanoers I know) your garbage writing transforms into decent, editable prose. The frustration of being behind is overcome by the triumph of winning. The online games do, in the end, let go their death grip and your obsessive procrastination fades.

Even blog posts are procrastination. Can I count these words? No? Then what the heck am I doing here?


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