All over the place

I keep forgetting to twitter. I’ve got a wee backlog of tweets, actually. So instead they’re going to become a weird, disjointed blog post.

Today was a rainy, miserable day at Pier 39. I LOVED it! It has been determined that my happiness has an inverse exponential relationship to the happiness of tourists. Soggy, plastic-bag clad tourists getting terrified by the bush man or standing by the piers saying, “But where are all the sea lion?” just absolutely makes my day.

I’m really tired. And a little queasy. Could be the massive potluck, cake, beer, and burritos that were ingested.

Yesterday was an exceptionally stunning day at Albany Bulb. A squirrel the size of a chihuahua sat on a little veranda outside his rock cave home on the hill above the dog path, calmly nibbling at something while surveying the dogs below, completely unafraid.

There was a three-bridge view. Impending rain always makes it so clear and stunning! I was reminded again that while I love Oakland, nothing will ever match the sheer beauty of San Francisco, whether it’s the skyline from a distance or up close and personal.

Someone took 12 polaroid snaps of blackness, and carefully placed them under pebbles on a large boulder. Art? Or just weird?

Boonie’s the most awesome dog ever. But she never will put up with puppies.

I need a few copies of my sister’s book, and I think I’m going to buy them at three different bookstores, just to spread the love and talk it up.

Pro-union local San Franciscan DJs are awesome.

I saw a ray today that totally creeped me out. It soared over the viewing tube I was in, was flesh-colored, and I swear it had weird humanoid lips and stunted legs. It reminded me of Lady Cassandra from Dr. Who.

I also saw a Rai today. He had a little kid attached to him, via a teddy bear backpack/leash combo. Not as creepy as the ray.

This is turning into a weird, rambley, stream of consciousness thing. I think it’s time for bed.


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