In the darkroom

… or, actually, deep inside photoshop.

I know I’m the most amateur of amateur photographers. I don’t spend enough time thinking about the golden ratio and shit to really hone my craft. But I like snapping pics. It’s fun. And I love spending time in the darkroom, though I’ve given up processing my own film and stick to developing pictures.

I’m still stretching my wings with the new digital camera, and I’m surprised how much I LOVE photoshop. I’ve always been a “it’s not true art unless you capture that genuine moment” kinda gal. Plbht. Fake it! ohmygod, it’s so fun what you can do! Check out this morning’s endeavor:

Rehearsal photo

I futzed around for a bit while I was waiting for someone to come pick up my TV, and here’s the finished product:


Yes, I may be a little clone-stamp happy, but jeezus that’s fun. I love making things disappear. Screw the genuine moment. That looks way better, and really, that’s what I was seeing when I took the picture to begin with. The rest just got in the way.

I can now reshape reality to suit my whims. Bwah hah hah.


One thought on “In the darkroom

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  1. i used to be like you too but now i just love playing with textures and brushes and colors. and you know what this is art too. the way you show how creative you can be regardless of the means is you and no one can come and say that is fake!

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