Blogging with my eyes shut

Somewhere between writing today’s title and getting to the text box, I somehow turned my writing white. White on white. So I actually am blogging with my eyes shut. Huh. Self-fulfilling prophecy, anyone?

I logged on and started this post with something bery definite in mind. It wasn’t very interesting or important, but it was something.

It’s totally gone now. Driven out of my head by tiredness and the novelty of not seeing what I’m writing. Ooo, except, when I write a word that doesn’t exist, little red dots show up!

This is far too much fun. Anyway.

Let me just state how much I hate meetings. And people, kinda. No, not really. Just today. Most days there’s a touch of misanthropy in me, but I squash it down. Remind myself of the people I do like, and the bizarre characters that I can appreciate. I love people watching. I just don’t love people. Strange, ain’t it.

Anyway. On days like today, exhausted, preparing for board meetings, collaborating with everyone and her mother, I remember my childhood dream of living in a remote spot on the coast, telecommuting to my multiple clients, as I. .. did something for them, in a writerly fashion.

Oddly enough, as a child I never dreamed about being a published author. I just dreamed about supporting myself with my writing. AEqually hard, yet it’s something I’m doing. And I still find myself running into people far too often.

Heh. I just used italics for a line I can’t even see. Sweet.

And on that note, I think it’s bed time. I’m getting punchy.


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