Normally Not Always Right has freaking hilarious bits of customer idiocy. It’s a pleasant little read, when you’re feeling particularly frustrated or catty. But this just raised the bar.

Personally, I think that customer was right. That was some powerful bad-assery there. I don’t care if it was a show of dominance or not (though I think that’s the only way to cope in a kid’s gym class), anyone that takes an elbow in the face and then thanks them is a king of men.

On a side note, the urban dictionary apparently has a definition for “This is Sparta.” Totally fits in this case, I think.

My own personal bad-ass showed in a kick-ass pie crust I made this week. That thing took no prisoners. Also, on a side trip through California Valley, I totally told a condor what’s up. In a completely humane endangered-species way. Meaning he was sitting on a fence pole and flew away when I got close. But he knew who was the boss.


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