Everywhere and Anywhere

I really don’t understand myself sometimes.

I have a great idea. I have tons of inspiration. I have gone on several quite awesome research trips, both of which included behind-the-scenes, I-really-shouldn’t-be-taking-you-here add-ons. And, after a brief moment of terror 1/2 way through this year’s NaNo book (“What do you mean, that sounds just like a movie you just saw advertised on TNT?!?”) (and no, there was no such movie. IMDB does not lie), I am fully certain that the world is DESPERATELY ready for this book.

I still can’t write. Today, because I got out of the house and used Write or Die, I was able to get a few thousand words up. Hah. Yes, the connotation there is appropriate. I feel completely flaccid when trying to write at home, and it’s all due to TV online.

I should never have purposed my laptop this way. Now, when I fire it up, I think, “Just one episode. A quick one, before I jump into it.” One turns into three… and before you know it, I’ve re-watched all of Firefly online and I’m 20,000 words behind, feeling impotent and unable to create, but fully and richly amused. Ah, Captain Archer. How you amuse.

I banished TV from my home years ago. I have very little willpower, or just very little will to exercise willpower, so if I have cable, it quickly descends into a bad, bad, couch-potatoey thing. Back then, I had an old PC on dial-up. A youTube kitty video would take three hours to load. Not a huge temptation.

Little did I realize that the future of television was moving into my browser. It’s so easy now! Right at my fingertips! And I’m sorry, but I can’t throw my computer out the window the way I did my TV. That’s not going to happen. Are you saying that I actually have to dig out my willpower now? Nooooo!!

Forget it. I’m just going to find WiFi disabled cafes to write in. It’s actually easier to force myself up and out of the house than to NOT flip to Hulu real quick. Or to see if the latest Glee is up. And from there, it’s all downhill.

But first… I haven’t seen Lady Gaga’s newest video yet. After that, I swear…

NaNoWriMo Word Count: 16,253. Projected Date of Completion: January 16th, 2010. Crap.


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