SF Columbarium

Okay, so I was really trying to write today. In fact, I got my daily words in, just barely. I’m (almost) caught up. However, in the interest of research, I decided I really had to go to the Columbarium today.

Columbarium, ext

Really, I had to. My characters were heading that way, and I’d never been. Screw internet research, it’s right there!

Amazing. I can’t believe I’ve lived here practically my whole life and never been.

Reserved niche

This is the last place that human remains can still be interred to within the city of San Francisco. I’m pretty sure they set a sweet price on the last few niches. They’re building more outside, but every one inside had a little reserved sign on it. Some had a few other signs as well:

Columbarium Reserved Niche

Back in the day, these niches (or apartments, as Emmitt the AWESOME likes to call them) were just spots for urns:

Urn and Cobwebs

Now not only do people fill their spots with the darndest things that they loved,

Niche Concert Tix

Stained Glass sticker

Perfume Niche

… even their urns are not exactly traditional:

Cthulhu Gamer urn

Bacchus Urn

I am so totally going back again with a tripod. I ended up spending 4 hours there, happily ensconced. Poor word choice, that. Even happier, ’cause they let me bring Boonie with me everywhere.

Oh Happy Sigh. Weird mementos, strange characters, history, and dead people. What’s not to like? Totally worth blowing off NaNoWriMo for a few hours. And now I am feeling inspired.

Angel Niche


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